As a state comprehensive university, Chang’An University has a world class reputation in Highway, Civil Engineering, Transportation, Science, Architecture and Environmental Studies. In addition, the University has more than 120 thousand alumni in various fields over the past 50 years. A degree at Chang’An University is a real investment in one’s future.

The University can be traced back to the time of beginning of modern China. It received overseas students from all over the world with its fabulous disciplines.

The University is located in Xi’an, an ancient capital of many splendors. This place was known as Chang’An for a long time which was capital of over ten dynasties (emperors) in Chinese history. Chang’An literally means “Perpetual Peace” in Classical Chinese. The famous Terra-cotta warriors and horses around the burial tomb of the first emperor is just about 40km away from the campus. Xi’an as a modern city is just an ideal place to live and study.

  • Recognized By Saudi Ministry of Education. The link is below:

  • Recognized By U.A.E Ministry of Education.
  • National key university of” 211″ project.
  • Directly under Central Education Ministry of Beijing.
  • The below link is for university’s world and country ranking:

  • For more details please visit university’s website:


Steps to be follow:

  1. 200 USD initially along with documents;
    1. Matric & FSc Mark sheet/ Certificates
    2. Passport
    3. Filled application form
    4. Police Clearance Certificate (attested)
    5. Medical Certificate (from China Lab ISB)
  2. 300 USD after arrival of JW202/ Visa Letter (negotiable)
  3. Air tickets cost (one way) US$ 550 (approximately).

CAU 2016 Sept. to 2020 Sept. Fees Structure

Courses available are: Bachelors in Civil Eng, Highway Eng, Architecture Eng, Telecommunications Eng, BE Computer Science, BBA, International Economics & Trade and MBA

Duration:  4 Years (MBA 2 Years)

First Year Fee

Tuition                                                   16000

Hostel                                                       6000

Liaison & Management                     7000

Medical Checkup                                   415       32515 RMB/ 5000$

Visa Extension                                         400

Health Insurance                                    800

Enrollment & Registration                  400                                                 First Year Fee                      32515 RMB

Hostel Security (refundable)           1500                                                       Per Year Fee                        23200 RMB

Total 4 Years Fee             102115 RMB

Per Year Fee

Tuition                                                      16000

Hostel                                                         6000    23200 RMB/ 3650$

Visa Extension                                           400

Health Insurance                                      800

Application fee (Advance Payment non-refundable) is 800 RMB

BA and International Economics $ Trade tuition fee/13000 RMB/Year, MBA tuition fee/17000 RMB/Year

Special Notes:

  • Student will pay health insurance and visa extension every Year.
  • Student has to pay 1st Year full fees (Mentioned above) within three working days after arrival otherwise he will be charged penalty or His admission will be cancelled.
  • Fee will be received only in Chinese Yuan (¥) fluctuation may change fee in US$.
  • Books, Food & other miscellaneous expenses are not included in the above fees. Students themselves will pay these expenses.


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