North China University of Science and Technology

North China University of Science and Technology is located in Tangshan most promising city at the centre of Bohai Bay Rim,is one of the key university in Hebei Province. It is just One hour from Beijing which is the Capital of China by G train and it takes only 2 hours from Beijing Capital Airport to Tangshan.
It is comprehensive University taking Engineering and Medicine as the backbone and pursuing a harmonious development of engineering, medicine, science, economics, management, law and humanities. Education program are provided, bachelor, masters, international and adult students.
Hebei United University was co-established by Hebei Poly-technical University and North China Coal Medical College under the approval of Ministry of education in May 2010.
The university consists of 31 colleges, offering 76 undergraduate programs, 138 master programs including 4 professional degree programs and 12 masters of engineering programs. 10 specials are approved as state level characteristic specialties.
The course duration of all Medical Institutions whether it is listed or Non-listed are 5+1 year (5 years theory study and 1 year internship).

The link of education ministry of Beijing is given below.(Read Article 5)
Link: Education Ministry of Beijing


Admission Criteria:

60% marks in Biology and English, more than 50% in Physics and Chemistry. Age Limit is 25 Years.

Wuhan University of Science and Technology

Located in Wuhan of central China, Wuhan University of Science and Technology (WUST) is a key public higher learning institution claiming traditional strengths in engineering and sciences that are integrated with contemporary popular disciplines such as medicine, economics, management, humanities, art, law, and philosophy.

It was authorized by China’s State Council to award the master’s and doctoral degrees, respectively. In 1995 the institution was granted university status renamed Wuhan Yejin University of Science and Technology when Wuhan Iron and Steel Institute merged with two colleges also under the then Ministry of Metallurgy. The University acquired its current name in 1999 following its 1998 handover from China’s Ministry of Metallurgy to the local Hubei Provincial Government for administration. Since late 2013 WUST has come to operate under the joint aegis of Hubei Provincial Government, Ministry of Education of PRC and 6 largest mega steel enterprises in China.

For over 32, 000 students hosted by 20 colleges and schools, 32 research centers and 5 hospitals, WUST now offers a wealth of programs spanning across a broad range of fields. They include 69 undergraduate, over 130 master’s, 34 PhD, and 5 post-doctorate programs.

Admission Criteria:

50% marks in English, Biology and Chemistry, Age Limit is 25 Years.



Yichun University

The provincial party committee approved Yichun University in the 10 June 1958 formally established. In March 1962 the province’s colleges and universities adjustment of the meeting had decided to retain an area six Teachers College and the original name changed to the University Teachers College.In June 1962 Jiujiang University had withdrawn from the teachers college into the Yichun. In April 1964 the Office of the State Council of Culture and Education approved the withdrawal of Yichun Teachers College. In October 1977 the provincial party committee approved the Office of Jiangxi Normal University Yichun Branch changed to Yichun Normal School.On 25 April 1978 State Council approved the re-establishment of Yichun Teachers College. 20 June 1986, the College upgraded to the vice-formed unit.Yichun Teachers College, Yichun Academy of Medicine merged on 25 January 2000 which is approved by Ministry of National Education.

School of Medicine

General Medicine Department-The General Medicine Department has been offering The Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery Degree in English Language since 2005.The degree is a 6 year long discipline including an internship done locally or in the students home country.The Medical School of Yichun University is listed in the I-med Faimer Directory of Medical Schools and The World Health Organizations Avicenna Directory,Which makes the International Medical Students eligible for but not limited to ECFMG certification,USMLE licensing,PMDC licensing and The Zambia Medical Association Licensure among other various African and International Medical Boards.

Admission Criteria:

Senior High School completion in the year 2014,2015 and 2016 with 50% passing marks in English..

Jining Medical University

Jining Medical University, operated by the Shandong Province government, was founded in 1952. There are two camps in our university, namely, Jining and Rizhao campus. Rizhao is a costal city and famous beach of China.
The new coming students will stay 2 year in Rizhao campus to study Basic Medical Sciences and 2.5 year in Jining campus to complete their Clinical Medical subjects. The last year will be internship. The university has 10 affiliated hospitals and 112 teaching bases. The newly finishd Beihu new campus is 219, 288 square meters which could hold 9000 fulltime students.
In 2008 it achievd great successes in the evaluatioof undergraduate teaching working level made by Ministry of Education of China.


Admission Open September 2016

Courses Available for International students:
MBBS & BDS (English Medium) 6 years duration including one year internship (5+1)