Java Coding

Java Programming Course for Teens

13-19 (Must turn 13 by 12-31-17)
Skill Level
Beg – Adv
Ratio Guarantee
8 students per instructor
Yes (see below)
Java, Eclipse

Course Description

Prerequisite: Proficiency in algebra including knowledge of variables, integers, and absolute values, and ability to evaluate algebraic expressions using order of operations and the distributive property.

Discover the power of code. You’ll learn the fundamentals of Java—one of the most relevant and long-standing programming languages in the world today. Java has many uses, from game development to business apps. Build your college resume and get a head start on prep for the AP Computer Science Exam. It all starts with building your own game or Java application.

What Will Students Take Home?

Students in these Java programming camps will take home their Eclipse Workspace containing their final coding project.

What Will Students Learn?

Students Will Learn to:

  • Use IDEs/compilers
  • Identify variables and data types
  • Use arrays, loops, and if statements
  • Recognize classes and constructors
  • Utilize the principles of object-oriented programming
  • Use logic and code skills to solve programming challenges

Top Skills Gained

Software & Hardware Skills Development

  • Java
  • Eclipse IDE

21st Century Skills Development

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity

Skill Level | Is This Java Course Appropriate for Your Student?

Prerequisite: Proficiency in algebra including the knowledge of variables, integers, and absolute values, and ability to evaluate algebraic expressions using order of operations and the distributive property.

Our Java summer computer programming course is customized for beginner to advanced learners ages 13-19. Curriculum at this Java camp is delivered in small student clusters and individually tailored to each student allowing programmers of all skill levels to progress efficiently. Students go home with a completed project at the end of the week.

Our Recommendation

This world runs on code, so we think that everyone should have a basic understanding of programming. Our Java programming camps are perfect for aspiring computer programmers or simply anyone intrigued by programming. Do you like solving mathematical equations? Do you want to know what the folks at Microsoft and Facebook do for a living? Look no further. This Java summer camp has beginning programming students coding proficiently by the end of the week, and challenges advanced students with customized  curriculum. This programming course is also well-suited for students wanting to learn the nuts and bolts of the programming used in our gaming courses.

Feel free to call us at 0333-666-2237 so that we can make personal recommendations, should you need assistance.

Hours & Tuition

Day Camp

Ages: 13-19
Check-In: 3-4pm Mon-Fri
Pick-Up: 7-8pm Mon-Fri
Duration: 40 Hours; 4 Weeks; 2 Hrs/Day
Tuition: From 5000/Month PKR

Your Tuition Includes:

  • 8:1 student-to-instructor ratio (guaranteed)
  • Free flex hours at check-in and pick-up
  • Diploma with transcript and instructor insights
  • Final project and software discounts