For personalization to happen, technology will definitely help. But more importantly there has to be a system free of institutions where learning is bound within four walls. We imagine a world free of such middle layers, where a student is directly connected to a teacher and learning-teaching happens in a personalized way. Imagine a world with Knowledge Democracy.
Hence with this vision, we have defined our purpose of existence. ACES aims to create a world of learning which is Personalized & Democratized

Benefits of LIVE Online Tutoring


Personalized education LIVE at home

ACES strength is its core focus on personalized LIVE online teaching. This ensures a student gets the entire attention of a dedicated teacher and learns at his/her pace. The interaction between the teacher and students is strong and two-way. The student is encouraged to ask questions unlike in a crowded classroom. Student is much comfortable in asking his/her doubts on ACES than anywhere else, as teachers instill questioning skills along with imparting theoretical knowledge.


Better than recorded lectures

The MOOCS revolution claimed to ensure that quality education is available to all and this will solve the maladies that the education system suffers from. However, the basic problem has not been solved- that of assembly line education production. The ensuing ‘One Size Fits All solution’ is still completely against the very ethos of personalized education.

LIVE teaching is a very important component of personalized education.


Secured! Time and Energy saving

Increasingly, security of children while commuting is at risk. Parents are not comfortable if young students need to travel long hours and distances for a professional coaching class, wasting energy, taking health and security risks.

He or she can completely bypass this wasteful travel time and energy, and focus only on studies from the comfort of home. Time saved is time earned for more productive relaxing activities- a hobby, relaxing with family, or that rare commodity for every student- plain rest!


Anywhere – Anytime Learning

The conventional classroom method mandates that learning has to be limited to a place and constrained by time. We believe, learning should not be time bound. Nor should teaching be. ACES breaks the shackles of time and place, liberating learning and teaching from the limits of time and location. Now even late at night, or early in the morning, a student has the liberty to reach out for guidance and help… and teachers at ACES will be all excited to lend their helping hands!


That’s not all of it

There are a couple of more salient features at ACES that we bet, you won’t be able to find anywhere else.